All Are Welcome

All are welcome here. St. Paul's embodies this idea, and we celebrate the diversity of our parish each week as we gather together for the singular purpose of worshiping and glorifying God. Our St. Paul's family takes the idea of a welcoming community into Coweta County, actively serving the Coweta County Food Pantry, the Samaritan Clinic, Habitat for Humanity, and other local and diocesan ministries. St. Paul's has a long-standing relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, a close relationship with its Bishop, and many of our parishioners have traveled and worked there.

"Come and see." Jesus says this to his disciples in the Gospel of John, and at St. Paul's, we want you to come and see a church consistently called one of the most welcoming that newcomers have ever attended. We want you to come and see our gorgeous outdoor altar, surrounded by azaleas, at which we bless animals in honor of St. Francis and from which we process for Palm Sunday. We want you to come and see Godly Play at its most vibrant, and youth washing cars to pay for mission trips. We want you to come and see a community that provides close, loving support for all who worship with us. Come and see.