Education for Ministry (EfM) is an adult learning program which aims to equip the baptized with all that they need to live a faithfully reflective and active life. St. Paul's in collaboration with St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Carrollton are offering an opportunity to participate in the Education for Ministry (EfM) program. While the Education for Ministry program is a four-year curriculum, participants enroll for one year at a time. Each program year is 36-weeks long, running from September through May. Annual EfM tuition is paid at the time of enrollment. Participants in groups under institutional sponsorship (parochial or diocesan) pay an annual discounted tuition of $325. Scholarships and discounted tuition are also available. Led by mentors trained to facilitate the EfM experience, you will learn how to think theologically, reflect faithfully, and to shape faith into action. You will become involved in ministries in your community and be able to make a difference. If you would like more information, please contact Pam Griffin at griffinpam0@gmail.com.