The word “liturgy” means the work of the people. The priest presides over the “work” of the whole community when we gather on Sunday mornings and other times for the Holy Eucharist. The entire gathered community participates in our services. Parishioners are called upon for particular roles of leadership.

Liturgical Ministries at St. Paul’s:

Acolytes:Serving as an acolyte is an important tradition for St. Paul's youth, and many of our adult members fondly remember their service in this ministry.  Acolytes' duties include lighting candles, processing various crosses, torches, and banners, and assisting the clergy with setting the altar in preparation for Holy Eucharist.  Ministry Leader: Lauriston Hardin

Flower GuildFlower Guild members provide flower-arranging services for the congregation, bringing beautiful flowers and greenery into our worship. Donations may be made by parishioners who desire to have flowers on the altar on a particular Sunday, often in honor or memory of loved ones.  Ministry Leader: Louise Howard

Altar Guild: To prepare for worship service as directed by the Rector, the altar guild duties include setting the altar for each service, as well as the care and cleaning of the adornments and vessels used in worship.  Members work in teams, on a rotating basis. In addition to Sunday services, the Altar Guild supports baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other special services. Ministry leaders: Renee Powell and Kathy Ellison

Eucharistic MinistersEucharistic Ministers serve on a rotating basis and assist the clergy by administering the chalice during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  Providing this service is a humbling, meaningful opportunity to communicate God’s love to our congregation. Ministry leaders: Amy and Daryl Jones

Lectors and Intercessors:  On regular Sundays, three lectors present readings from  the Old Testament, the Epistle, and the Prayers of the People. Twice each month, youth readers handle one of these duties, much to the delight of the congregation.   Ministry leader: Dean Eelman

Ushers:  These able men and women assist in the worship by greeting people, receiving the offertory, and facilitating the flow, movement, and interaction of the congregation with the clergy during worship services. We have multiple teams of ushers who serve on a rotating basis each Sunday and during all special services. Ministry leader: Bob Heaberlin

Vergers:The role of the verger is to direct the “process” of service each Sunday. As they handle the tasks and people involved in every service, they enable the clergy to focus on the spirituality of our worship. Ministry leader: Tony King


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